The Most Predictable Way To Get Clients

Aug 20, 2022
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When I first started out, I wanted my clients to COME TO ME through my content.

The problem? I was a horrible content creator and I had no audience. It also takes a lot of time and skill to sell to an audience and convert them into paying clients.

Even when I managed to build an audience, inquiries were rare. I wasn’t sure when I’d get my next project.

But then, I started to send cold DMs.

So here are the 4 lessons I learned from doing it:

Lesson 1: Cold outreach ≠ cold pitching

Many hate the idea of cold outreach because they think it has to be done through cold pitching, but it doesn’t!

Here’s how I do my outreach:

Connect on LinkedIn → Say hi → Start a casual conversation → Check in on them every 2 weeks

There’s no pitching involved.

The only time I pitch to them is after I get a permission to pitch.

That’s usually when they:

  • Ask about my services

  • Ask about my rates

  • Ask to get on a call with me

Lesson 2: Track your numbers

The reason why I call this the most predictable way to get clients is because I’ve tracked my numbers.

On a weekly basis, I track how many people I’ve:

  • Connected with

  • Booked a Discovery Call with

  • Had a sales call with

  • Closed

  • Lost

This is why I have an idea of how many potential clients would hop on a call with me or work with me.

Lesson 3: Stay consistent

When doing cold outreach, I see a pattern.

Pattern 1: They immediately ask about my services after the initial hi message

Pattern 2: It takes 3-4 months before they ask about my services.

Not everyone I reach out to needs help with their branding or content creation. But because I consistently follow-up on them, I’m able to stay top of mind.

This week, I signed a client who I’ve been chatting with since February!

Lesson 4: Follow-up with value

When sending cold DMs, you don’t want to:

  • Be generic by only saying hi, how are you?, how’s business?

  • Ask for a favor (e.g. review their content/lead magnet)

You want to respect their time. You can do this by giving value first.

I do this by:

  • Asking who they want to connect with (this usually forces them to reply 😂)

  • Sharing what I’ve learned from their content

  • Asking about their posting schedule so I can support them

  • Sending a helpful article

That’s it! The 4 lessons I’ve learned from sending cold outreach.


  • Cold outreach ≠ cold pitching

  • Track your numbers

  • Stay consistent

  • follow-up with value

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