“Please send me your rates”

March 22, 2022
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As designers, I’m sure we get asked that A LOT.

And what usually happens is this:

We come up with a magic figure, we send our rate to the client, and then we get ghosted. Sometimes the client might even haggle for a lower rate.

This happened to me too.

Now, whenever someone inquires about my rates, I make sure to jump on a call with them first.

Here’s why:

⭐️ Serious clients appreciate your effort to get on a call with them and actually learn about their business.

⭐️ You’ll have a clear understanding of what they need. Is it a full brand strategy? Maybe they just need social media templates?

⭐️ This weeds out clients who are only looking for the best price. They were never interested in what you can do.

⭐️ You can build rapport and get through their objections

When I started out, I had no idea how to reply to these inquiries, so here’s a magic script I use 😉


It depends on what exactly it is that you need help with.

I have learned not to assume that every client wants or needs exactly the same.

How about we hop on a quick 30 min call so I can run through a few things that experience has taught me I need to clarify before I can quote a fair fee?


That’s it! Of course, change it up a bit to match their inquiry.

You want to let them know that your rates vary and it depends on what exactly they need.

What if they don’t reply? What if they seen zone?

The key is in the follow-up.

I’ve had many clients who leave me at seen zone or don’t reply.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

They’re usually just so busy that they forgot to reply.

I usually follow-up 3-4 times. Even after those 3-4 follow ups, I make sure to check on them a few weeks after the last follow up.

Don’t know what to ask in a Discovery Call?

Creating a discovery call script is also something I help my consultation clients with.

I offer 90-minute consultations for creative freelancers, and it includes:

✅ A strategic document that contains a summary of our call, suggested action steps, templates you can use, and scripts.

✅ 4-weeks worth of accountability (you can also take this time to ask me your burning questions)

Topics I’ve gone through with other freelancers are:

  • Finding their niche

  • How to do market research

  • Content Creation

  • Creating a premium design process

Here’s what some of my consultation clients have to say:

Total value of all this is USD 450+

But for you guys, it’s only USD 100 😉

I only take these calls once a week, sometimes none when I’m busy with branding projects.

So if you’re looking to start signing premium clients, book a consultation call now 👇🏻
Start Signing Premium Clients

See you guys next week!

Patty 🤩

P.S. Timezones can be tricky, so feel free to reach out if you want me to open slots for selected days or times.

tl;dr — Sell your client to a discovery call. Don’t immediately respond to every inquiry through the DMs.


If you’re ready for additional support, here’s how I can help you:

  1. A customized strategy and action plan to help you sign premium clients. Book a 60 minute consultation call here.

  2. Create content that converts with my free guide here.

👀 Check this out

▶️ YouTube: 5 Rules on How To Rule Your Sales Call by the futur — This is relevant for Discovery Calls too. It’s a quick watch since it’s just 5 mins. It goes through HOW you should act and navigate through a call.

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