How To Sign Premium Clients

June 18, 2022
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Patty here 👋🏻

I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks contemplating about the future of this newsletter.

I’ll now be turning this into a bi-monthly newsletter, which will be set to publish on Saturdays.

I also plan on increasing the quality of my newsletter by providing action steps you guys can start taking today!

So here’s 1 tip on how to start signing premium clients.

This should only take 2 mins to read.

Small Businesses Can’t Pay High Ticket

This was what I used to think a few years ago.

That’s because all I got were $50 USD logo design inquiries from SMBs.

In reality, I got these inquiries because I positioned myself as a commodity logo designer.

❌ I only created content based on my logo designs.

What I should have done was create content based on HOW my services can help them solve a BIG business problem or reach a BIG goal.

❌ I was afraid of charging more

Because I thought no one could afford my services, I decided to charge less for more clients.

Here’s the truth, clients are willing to pay a premium if they know you can help them overcome a problem or achieve a certain result.

Here’s why I know that’s true:

One of my clients who was just a few months into her coaching business invested $2k for a logo and a few social media graphics.

Why did she invest?

  • She didn’t want to waste time: It took her at least 3 hours to make 1 post

  • She couldn’t do it on her own: She couldn’t design a visual identity that reflected her business

  • She wanted to speed up the process: Having a consistent visual identity can help build her brand awareness faster online.

Here’s what you can do to start signing premium clients:

👉🏻 Find out your ideal client’s biggest challenges

Reach out to your current clients and ask them what problems they wanted to solve in relation to your services.

Reach out to your ideal clients and ask them about their biggest challenges right now.

Google “Biggest challenges of NICHE.”

Compile a list of the problems you found.

👉🏻 Identify their top 3 common challenges

Are there any challenges you can solve with your services?

If not, is there a service you can add to overcome these challenges?

Many of my clients struggle with engaging their audience and building credibility.

Here are the services I’d offer to help them overcome these challenges:

  • Brand Messaging for audience engagement

  • Visual identity and social media templates for a cohesive brand image.

  • Content creation for the consistent execution of the above

👉🏻 Identify how your service directly impacts their business

When you do this, you can position your services as a business solution.

Your clients won’t just see you as a designer. They’ll see you as someone who can either increase their revenue, decrease their expenses, or cut down their wastes.

Consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Does it increase revenue?

  • Does it decrease their expenses?

  • Can it help save their time or money?

  • Does it bring in more leads?

  • Does it increase their conversions?

Next time you speak with a potential client, talk about the transformation — not the deliverable.


  • Find out your ideal client’s biggest challenge

  • Identify the top 3 common challenges with the biggest impact in their business

  • Identify how your service directly impacts their business


If you’re ready for additional support, here’s how I can help you:

  1. A customized strategy and action plan to help you sign premium clients. Book a 60 minute consultation call here.

  2. Create content that converts with my free guide here.

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