How I use my content to get clients

April 5, 2022
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Here’s the truth about my content 😳

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I use my content to attract clients.

But I don’t mainly use it to sign clients or get instant sales.

I use it for nurturing my audience 🌱

You see, before reaching out to me, my client would have first interacted with a lot of my content.

This includes my social media posts, website, video testimonials, etc.

I try to build up their experiences through

✅ Interactions on social media posts

Before reaching out to me, many clients were just lurking on my content. Some lurked for a few weeks, while others lurked for at least 3 months.

Every piece of content I put out is made to educate my audience, help them experience quick wins, and make them feel connected through relatable and inspiring stories.

Overtime, their positive experiences with my content lead them to seek out my services.

So are you currently making content that educates, gives results, or connect?

✅ Letting them know about my offer

Most of the time, posting just isn’t enough.

So when I get new connections, followers, or post engagements from ideal clients, I make sure to let them know what I do and what problem I solve.

I don’t pitch my services or push for a sale. My goal is to be seen. So when the time is right, they’ll reach out to me.

Here’s an example 👇🏻

✅ Staying top of mind through the DMs

When I see an ideal client who knows what I do and is already consistently engaging with my content, I make sure to keep following up on them in the DMs.

A rule I follow is to give value when following up.

And when I do follow up, I never pitch.

I follow up by:

  • Sending them content they might enjoy

  • Sending resources, or lead magnets that might help them in their business

  • Offering to connect them with ideal clients or other service providers

  • Inviting them to a virtual coffee chat

You see, most service providers give up after following up 2-3 follow ups, which is why I aim to follow up around 8-12 times.

And it worked because I converted a 3 month old follower into a potential client!

How many times are you following up?

Chat soon,

Patty 🤩

tl;dr - Your social media content isn’t meant to sell, it’s meant to nurture. Before a client becomes a client, a lot of interactions should have been made.


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