How I Turned A "No" Into A "Yes"

Sept 17, 2022
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In this issue, I’ll be sharing how I turned a client’s “No” into a “Yes”, along with 4 things I did differently.

After getting an inquiry, or after hearing a “no” from a potential client, the most common mistake we make is not following up.

When we don’t follow-up, we lose the chance of working with these clients in the future — when they actually start prioritizing and wanting your services.

You see, following-up is one way to stay top of mind, and it’s not something you do just once or twice.

For one of my latest clients, I did it for 8 months 😳

I first connected with this client on January.

I followed up on our messages once a week, then every 2 weeks

On March, I got on a Discovery Call and then a Sales call with her, but she wasn’t ready to invest.

Even after that “No,” I still followed up every 2 weeks and then on monthly basis.

2 weeks ago, she finally decided to work with me 🥳

Here’s what I did differently in our sales call:

Gave her a feeling of ownership

While describing my proposed project, I made her feel like she already bought my services.

Instead of saying this:

"If you do work with us, we’ll first work on your {challenge}"

I said this:

"Next week, we’ll start working on your {challenge}"

I shared relevant client stories

I painted a picture of what her business and life can look like through similar client experiences.

Because this client had a challenge with defining her niche, I used the experience I had with a client who found clarity in her niche.

I said:

“My client had the exact same challenge as you. She wasn’t sure if she was niching too much or too little. When we had our first strategy session, which you’ll also go through, we found out that she wanted to attract high performing professional mothers.

(The "which you'll also go through" part gives her a sense of ownership too)

I showed examples

One reason why I couldn’t sign this client the first time was because of too much jargon. She couldn’t understand my process and the deliverables.

So this time, I made sure to show examples of the tools we use and the deliverables we provide.

I offered payment plans

Instead of the usual 50% upfront, 50% upon project completion, I offered a 3 month payment plan.


  • I gave her a feeling of ownership

  • I shared relevant client stories

  • I showed examples

  • I offered payment plans

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