About Brylle

Founder of Brylliant Solutions
Brylle Barriga is a Filipino entrepreneur based in Davao City. He is the founder of Brylliant Solutions, a Webflow development agency for local and international clients.

His work in Brylliant Solutions has exposed him to the different issues faced by Filipino webdev talents, such as: (a) lack of specialized programming skills that results in subpar output, (b) lack of confidence that leads to lowball job offers, and/or (c) lack of client management and communication skills, which often causes work conflicts.

Coming from the success of Brylliant Solutions, Brylle is setting his sights on helping to grow the community of web developers in the country - encouraging more people to start or build their webdev practice - by addressing issues faced by new and current practitioners.

The Challenge

Brylle Barriga is now moving on to the next stage of his career, leaving a legacy through mentorship. Compared to his Webflow development agency, Brylle’s personal brand isn’t as known.

What We Did:

Brand Strategy
Tagline & Messaging
Brand Language
Content Strategy
Visual Identity Design
Brand Book
The Solution

Given that this is a personal brand, we had to identify the following: Brylle’s mission, vision, values, personality, and promise to his audience. We found that Brylle’s brand was driven by his vision to raise the status of the Filipino community and industry of web developers. He does this through mentorship.

With this in mind, we needed to communicate this through his messaging, personality, and design.
Tagline: Mentoring Brylliance

Everything hinges around his tagline of “Mentoring Brylliance,” which perfectly communicates what he does and the community he'd like create.

The rationale: It takes one to make one: for a person’s brylliance to be revealed, they need the help of a mentor that understands what it takes to make it happen. Brylle Barriga is ready to help his students and mentees shine as he did.
The Icon

As a Web developer mentor, the Brylle Barriga icon was inspired by programming symbols ( [ ] >). It was made to be easily identifiably and form the shape of a B. When flipped, it also resembles a book, which communicates the educational aspect of the Brylle Barriga brand.
Key Visuals: The Guiding Path

Brylle's visual identity helps communicate Brylle's positioning as a guide and mentor for Filipino Web Developers, It was made to communicate his purpose of helping these web developers elevate their lives, and his promise of empowering Filipino web developers with the skills they need to succeed in their freelance practice.
Brylle Barriga Mockup
Brand Guide

At the end of every project, we leave our clients with a 40-70 page brand guide they can continuously refer to. This brand guide contains their brand strategy and guidelines on how to use their brand assets.

This makes sure that their team and vendors properly use all their brand assets so that they can maintain consistency in all of their platforms.

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