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Bright Culture is a registered tuition center in Singapore. It was founded in 2014 and has since helped 862+ students from 60+ Singaporean schools improve their grades in O and A levels Chemistry.

7 years after it first opened its classrooms, Bright Culture is now gearing towards helping even more students reach their full potential by expanding its course offerings beyond Chemistry.

The Challenge

Bright Culture wanted to reposition itself through a differentiated learning experience, and be known as one of the major tuition centers in Singapore.

Even after going through 2 rebrands, Bright Culture still didn't have a brand that aligned with its values, promise, audience, and quality of services.

The Solution

We helped the brand communicate its differentiated learning experience through its verbal and visual identity, messaging framework and content strategy.

We specifically focused on communicating these through the brand's values.
An inquiring, questioning mind is key to life-long learning — and this is what we wish to inspire in our learners.

Just as we are committed to helping our students, we influence our students to commit to their own goals.

No matter what their current standing is in school, we give our learners the support they need to improve.

Students learn best when they’re enjoying themselves. From methods to tools to environments, we keep things fun!

Bright Culture constantly challenges itself to develop new ways to engage and motivate our learners.our learners the support they need to improve.
The purpose of the brand tagline is to capture and summarise the brand's promise, brand's values, and the learning experience the brand would like to give to its students.

It communicates how being Bright is a choice — one that any learner can make for themselves, that any parent can make for their child — with Bright Culture!
We created a messaging framework that speaks to Bright Culture's two audiences, parents and students. It's composted of 4 messaging pillars: Differentiated Learning Experience, Personal Development, Academic Improvement, Partnership.
The brand's messaging and key visuals were based on its promise to its students of creating a differentiated learning experience — a combination of the best classrooms, the most competent and motivating teachers, the most effective methods, and the most helpful tools — Bright Culture is set to become the name that’s most preferred by students, and most trusted by parents.

The color palette and typography was made to reflect the brand's personality and values of being authoritative yet encouraging, cheerful and fun yet professional, empathic and inspiring. The typography chosen was made in order to communicate a bold and friendly look that can connect with the brand's target audience.

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