4 things to do when business is slow

Oct 15, 2022
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In this issue, I’ll be sharing the 4 things I do when business is slow. This helps me make up for the lack of clients, and increase my chances of working with better clients.

Double down on outreach

I don’t rely on content for ATTRACTING clients because it’s very unpredictable. Instead, I use my content to support my outreach.

On a normal day, I would connect with 5-7 ideal clients on LinkedIn.

When business is slow, I have more time to increase my outreach. Instead of connecting with 5 people, I might connect with 10.

If you don’t do cold outreach, then I suggest you try it out!

👉🏻 Read this if you want to learn how I do cold outreach

Brainstorm new ways for generating revenue

Maybe you have a project you’ve been putting off…

Maybe you can monetize parts of your process…

The opportunities are limitless.

Things I’ve done in the past are:

  • Create lead magnets

  • Build a product (e.g. mock-ups)

  • Sell a workbook

  • Sell templates

Improve my content or explore new content

Think of your content as your 24/7 sales team.

The content you produce will be there forever (unless you delete it).

It helps you build your audience and attract potential clients while you’re sleeping!

When I have more free time, I produce more content or explore different ways to create content.

Instead of just posting on MWF, I can post everyday.

Instead of just sticking to Instagram, I expanded to LinkedIn and this newsletter.

So ask yourself…

  • Can I increase the amount of content I produce?

  • What content formats haven’t I tried?

  • How can I spice up my content?


Lately, I’ve been networking with other freelancers and agency owners.

Some have become my clients, some have referred to me their clients, some I ended up collaborating with for bigger projects.

Here’s how I’ve been networking:

  • Hopping on 20-minute virtual coffee chats

  • Join professional groups

  • Join a mastermind/annual membership

  • Join be active in fb groups for courses I’ve bought


  • Double down on the outreach

  • Brainstorm new ways for generating revenue

  • Improve my content or explore new content

  • Network

If you’re ready for additional support, here’s how I can help you:

  1. A customized strategy and action plan to help you sign premium clients. Book a 60 minute consultation call here for just USD 100.
  2. Create content that converts with my free guide here.

👀 Check this out

📖 Book: Stories that stick by Kindra Hall — This year, I’ve been learning more and more about storytelling. In this book, Kindra shares about what makes a good story, and how you can share your own story.

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