#1 ingredient that impacts the success of a freelancing business.

July 30, 2022
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A lot happened the past week…

  • A family friend passed away

  • My priorities have changed

  • My passion for freelancing was disappearing

So I decided to check-in with myself and rethink my WHY.

(This is something I suggest everyone do at least once a year.)

Passion is what builds a business.

Everyone has the potential to be successful. It just depends on how determined we are to succeed.

Our WHY is our driving factor — it fuels our passion.

So clarity on our WHY is what can differentiate successful people from unsuccessful ones.

When we’re not clear with our purpose, giving up becomes easy.

Here’s 1 easy thing you can do to find your WHY.

Be clear with what you want and don’t want

Our WHY is a combination of wants and don’t wants, and our don’t wants create our wants.

So start by making a list of things you don’t want to have or experience, followed by a list of things you want to have or experience.

Here’s my list 👇

I don’t want to…

  • Financially rely on my children when I’m retired

  • Live paycheck to paycheck

  • Get stuck in a 9-5 job

  • Have a business that can only survive with me in it

I want to…

  • Have a business that doesn’t need me

  • Be financially free

  • Travel in my 20s and 30s

  • Order food without looking at the price 😂

  • Encourage Filipino youths to pursue a creative career

It’s that simple.

When you create a list of wants and don’t wants, visualizing your WHY becomes much easier.

Last year, my WHY revolved around earning $10k a month

The problem?

After looking at my list, I realized that it’s less about what I earn and more about how I live.

My new WHY focuses around having a CEO Lifestyle that lets me:

✅ Have a biz that doesn’t require me to be there 24/7
✅ Spend time with myself, my friends, and my family
✅ Choose when to work and not work, but still be financially secure

And earning $10k a month won’t necessarily help me do all this 😂

If you see yourself losing your motivation or passion, maybe it’s time to review your WHY 😊


Passion is what builds a business. Find your WHY by making a list of wants and don’t wants.

👀 Check this out

📖 Book: Find Your WHY by Simon Sinek — Simon goes in depth about the entire process he uses to help his clients find their WHY. If you’d like a more reflective way of finding your WHY, I recommend you check this out.

☀️ What I've been up to...

📖 Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki — I’ve been reading the Rich Dad series that past 2 weeks. This is exactly why my views around money, business, and investing has changed. If you’re looking to build your financial intelligence, I recommend you check Robert’s books first. They’re very simple and easy to understand.

💰 Business: Sio Mai King Franchisee — Rich Dad Poor Dad actually moved me to action! This week, I officially became an online franchisee of Sio Mai King (and other brands under the mother company). If you’re based in the Philippines and you’re craving for some sio mai, noodles, sio bao or burgers, feel free to send me a message 😂

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